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The Future of Project Management in the Middle East

Embracing the Future of Project Management: Insights from the APM Seminar in the UAE

Monday 12th February 2024 marked a significant milestone for project management professionals in the Middle East, as the Association for Project Management (APM) hosted its inaugural event in the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our team was among the attendees, looking forward to a night of learning, networking, and deep dives into the evolving landscape of project management.

A Night of Firsts and Forefronts

The APM’s launch event in the UAE promised an exciting opportunity for professionals in Dubai and beyond to come together. It lived up to that promise, offering a platform to network, explore APM’s offerings, and gain insights from leading professionals in the industry.

Networking with Peers

The seminar facilitated multiple ideas, experiences, and aspirations. Adam Boddison, CEO of APM highlighted how Project Management was in the top 3 of Forbes most in demand skills in 2024. This was very encouraging information which demonstrated the opportunities for aspiring and experienced Project Managers. We heard from an experienced and diverse panel who answered questions around how we can retain Project Managers in the profession, how we can develop more females into senior roles as the higher salary roles are still dominated by males.

Discovering APM’s Offerings

Learning about the benefits of APM products and services was a highlight. APM’s commitment to advancing the profession through education, certification, and resources was evident. The discussion on Chartership and its advantages underscored the value of recognized professional standards and how they elevate our work and the profession at large. The APM seminar highlighted a range of educational pathways and resources designed to support ongoing growth and expertise in our field. For our team, this underscored the importance of continuous learning to stay at the forefront of project management practices.

‘For Training Bytesize, this event has reinforced our dedication to empower project professionals through learning across multiple industries and disciplines. Continuous development was a key topic with and as Adam Boddison says ‘Learn, un-learn and re-learn’. We met a great group of project professionals and even though we already have many clients in the Middle East, it showed us the opportunities that Middle East has for us as a Project Management training provider.’

Victoria Graham
Managing Director

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