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Scrum Master Course Benefits

Top 7 Benefits Of Completing A Scrum Master Course

For those who want to understand the Scrum framework, its core principles and how to apply it in the workplace, a Scrum master course can teach you everything you need to know. As one of the most popular agile project management frameworks used in business today, Scrum enables teams to work towards a well-defined goal by breaking a project down into smaller, manageable pieces that can be tweaked and changed as needed along the way. Our new course, Professional Scrum Master Level 1 (PSM 1), is accredited and aims to give learners a solid grounding to Scrum, its core principles and how it can best be applied to enhance every project. Read on for a closer look at our new course and the top 7 benefits of adding a Scrum master course to your belt.

What Is The Professional Scrum Master Level 1?

PSM 1 is an introductory course into the world of scrum that is perfect for anyone who wants a deep understanding of the fundamentals of this framework, its core principles and how to apply them in the workplace. It is an ideal stepping stone for those who want to progress towards the role of Scrum Master as well as anyone who is or will be working in an environment that practices the Scrum framework.

At Training Bytesize AU, we use group discussion with case studies and practical activities that are hands-on to help you learn and grow your Scrum skillset. We will cover topics that range from Agile history to roles, responsibilities, mastering Scrum artifacts and applying Scrum.

As a accredited course, there will be a 1 hour exam at the end of the course featuring multiple questions that will require you to score 85% or higher to pass.

What Are The Benefits Of Completing a Scrum Master Course?

A Scrum Master certification can unlock your career potential and open unlimited doors for exponential growth. Check out these top 7 benefits:

Build Your Scrum Knowledge

There’s no better way to understand the ins and outs of Scrum than to study a Scrum Master course. The PSM 1 is specifically designed to give you all of the information you need to understand Scrum principles, Agile methodology, best practices and more, giving you a solid foundation to your career path.

Understanding Scrum Artifacts

Scrum artifacts are the important pieces of information that all stakeholders use to follow a project. This can include essentials like Sprint planning, backlog management and burndown charts. A Scrum Master course will give you a thorough understanding of these artifacts that will help you to maintain transparency and communication between stakeholders for a smooth process.

Practice An Agile Mindset

Growing an agile mindset is integral to mastering Scrum. A Scrum Master must be able to think and act quickly in the face of changing circumstances and a sound Agile understanding will help you to adapt and manoeuvre like an expert without disruption to the project.

Provide Value And Product Quality

A Scrum certification will assist you in ensuring product quality and providing value every time. By mastering these two cornerstones of agile project management, you will know how to deliver customer satisfaction with products that exceed expectations.

Increase ROI For Stakeholders

By skilfully applying Scrum principles and thinking, you will be able to strengthen processes and ensure a successful project outcome, thus boosting the ROI for customers. Scrum Masters learn how to use valuable feedback at different points of the project to adjust the process, keep deliverables aligned and avoid last-minute hurdles.

Minimise Risks

A Scrum Master course will teach you how to identify risks and potential bottlenecks so that you can avoid them altogether and keep the project on track. You will learn how to remove hazards should they arise and boost your risk-assessment skills which is essential to managing unexpected events and hurdles that could otherwise derail the project and waste money, time and valuable resources.

Earn Better Pay

There’s no denying it – with a PSM 1 certification, you put yourself in a better position to advance your career, stand out amongst the competition and secure the higher paying roles.

Learn A Scrum Master Course With Training Bytesize AU

Take the first step towards advancing your career with our introductory course PSM 1. This intense Scrum Master course provides you with the knowledge and tools you need to understand Scrum fundamentals and how best to apply them. Get in touch with us today to start your journey.

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