Why should I gain an AgileBA Certification?

The Agile Business Analyst (BA) is a pivotal role within the team. They are the foremost liaison between stakeholders, subject matter experts and the development team within the business. Managing all these separate aspects can be stressful - after all, you’re managing multiple business requests while at the same time ensuring progress of current projects. Because of this, and because of the nature of Agile systems at large, an Agile Business Analyst needs to be flexible, collaborative, and able to change direction at a moments notice.

A role as an Agile Business Analyst can be hugely rewarding - both personally and within the company. Completing an Aglie BA Certification with Training Bytesize will give you all the information, skills and tools you need to manage these multiple projects and priorities easily. The skills you gain throughout the course will stay with you throughout your career and will help cement you as an expert within your industry. The course will also demonstrate how Agile working systems are different to more traditional Waterfall project management systems.

What’s included in an AgileBA Course?

The Agile BA Course begins with the fundamentals of what an Agile BA role is and what it covers. The course also takes a comprehensive look at why the Agile BA role is so critical to any business, and the benefits an Agile Business Analyst can provide.Your Agile BA course will also provide the opportunity for practical learning and workshopping that will teach modeling techniques and put your knowledge into practice.

Once you’ve completed the modules of the course, you’ll be able to sit the completion exam to test your skills and understanding of the material. This is a forty minute exam with multiple choice questions.

Where does the AgileBA course take place?

With Training Bytesize, you’re able to choose from a range of options when it comes to completing your Agile BA Course. You can choose to complete your course virtually, online or even in person in some areas. The course is designed to be flexible in order to fit in with your life and your schedule, meaning minimal disruption to your day job.

For teams, on-site training can be the most viable and effective option as it means each team member receives the same training and becomes skilled at the same time - preventing any issues arising in the future of your team. For more information about on-site training for your team, get in touch with us on +61(07) 3014 0346, or connect with one of our support team in the chat window below. We offer training Australia-wide, including the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Accredited Courses

AgileBA® Foundation Course

AgileBA® Practitioner Course

AgileBA® Foundation and Practitioner Course

Official Manuals

AgileBA Handbook eBook

Master the role of Agile Business Analyst with our APMG accredited AgileBA training and certification.

Group training

One of our particular skillsets here at Training Bytesize is training teams - so if you have more than one staff member it may be more cost-effective for your business to consider one of our corporate options. These courses are offered online, on-site or even virtually, meaning that we can work with you to find the best solution for your business. Email us at [email protected] with your requirements and we will send you a tailored quote for your course.

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