Change Management

Change Management Certification

If you work in an organisational change, transformation or transition role, a Change Management certificate is one of the ultimate qualifications for professionals in this area.

When you gain a Change Management certification, you gain proficiency in a range of new areas of organisational management. This includes:

- Performing the role of highly effective organisational manager of change, transition or transformation
- Draw from a range of professional approaches to enable an organisation to implement change smoothly
- Motivate and ease people into adjusting to organisational change
- Keep stakeholders engaged while an organisation undergoes change or transformation
- Minimise the risks involved with unsuccessful organisational change initiatives Identify the roles needed to assemble teams most likely to deliver successful change.

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As a Change Manager, you’ll provide effective insight into the approaches and techniques that are used to effectively support and implement change initiatives within your organisation.

This course contains topics and resources like:

- Defining change management
- Changing success factors
- Changing management models, and learning and understanding how to apply them
- Understanding lifecycle steps for managing change
- Understanding the role as a leader in regards to managing people and leading change
- Understanding the dynamics of change at several levels - individual, team and organisational
- Practicing change in action

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Accredited Courses

Change Management Foundation

Change Management Practitioner

Change Management Foundation and Practitioner

Official Manuals

Effective Change Manager’s Handbook

Providing an effective insight into the approaches and techniques to expertly support and implement change initiatives within an organisation.

Group training

At Training Bytesize, we excel in training large groups. If you have more than one person in your team, it’s potentially more cost-effective to organise group training for your employees. Our courses are offered online, on-site, or virtually, so contact our team today via email at [email protected] to discuss your specific requirements and get a tailored quote for your needs.

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