Why Agile?

There are many benefits of adopting an Agile culture within your business structure. The methodologies of Agile Project Management can speed up the development process, get products to market faster, increase customer satisfaction and improve the communication between team members - which will reduce risk and expense for your business. Having a certified Agile Project Manager in your business is a huge asset, as it means that they will have the right skills, mindset and behaviours to achieve the right results. Those who work in Agile companies have reported they find they have better job satisfaction and success in their projects with this positive, proven approach to business.

Do Agile Project Management courses work for all companies?

Of course. More than anything else, Agile refers to ways of working that rely on changes to behaviour and mindset which enable the concept to succeed. Agile systems are enabled, in a basic sense, by technology, and motivated by open-source software that allows for sharing between teams and stakeholders. The objective of Agile Project Management in an organisation is all about openness, with strong focuses on testing and learning, especially in response to customer feedback. This makes the Agile way of working applicable to any business within any industry.

Additionally, Agile Project Management practices and methodologies can be adopted by the individual themselves, even if they don’t work in an Agile business. This simply further cements the fact that an Agile PM is suitable for anyone, no matter their occupation.

Why do I need an AgilePM Certification?

For many individuals, whether they’re in an Agile company or not, an Agile PM certification can be fundamental to enhancing your career path and overall providing opportunities for progression. This not only shows that you’re an expert in your field, but also improves your chances of being recruited by an Agile organisation.

For businesses, there are benefits to providing AgilePM certifications as an option for employees. This can act as a tool to aid staff retention and overall develop skills within the team.the more qualified your project manager is, the better result they bring - so investment into AgilePM training courses leads to better outcomes for your business.

How does the AgilePM training course work?

Training Bytesize offers three AgilePM courses - the AgilePM Foundation course, the AgilePM Practitioners course, and then the combination Foundation and Practitioner course that combines elements from both. Additionally, we offer both individual and group courses, allowing you to choose the best type of Agile PM training for yourself or your team.

Our training is offered online, on-site or virtual, meaning you can choose the training type that works best for the way you learn and your schedule. Then, at the end of the training period you or your team will sit an exam to test your knowledge, and if you’re successful will receive your Agile PM Certification. For more information about on-site training for your team, get in touch with us on +61(07) 3014 0346, or connect with one of our support team in the chat window below. We offer training Australia-wide, including the Gold coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Accredited Courses

AgilePM Foundation Course

AgilePM® Practitioner Course

AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner Course

Official Manuals

Agile Project Management Handbook V2.0 eBook

One of the fastest growing certifications, AgilePM sets out the standards, rigour and visibility expected around project management.

Group training

Group training is one of our strengths, so if you have more than one person needing training, it may be a better, more cost effective option to consider one of our corporate solutions. These courses are offered online, on-site and virtually. There are many options to choose from so it’s best you contact us directly via email on Email us at [email protected] so we can discuss your requirements and create a tailored quote just for you.

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