Agile Change Agent

Change can be hard to achieve. Agile is a flexible working approach that offers a systematic process for making change and getting things done.Agile gives visibility and transparency across a project, offering more collaboration between teams. The method is designed to be iterative, meaning you improve and build on what you learn to create sustainable change.

What Is an Agile Change Agent?

The Agile way of working requires a network of people from different levels across your organisation who can support and manage change. They can be anyone from an executive to a consultant, a project team member to a customer service representative. Identifying these individuals to complete the Agile Change Agent course will upskill their problem-solving capabilities to tackle common project and change management challenges. They become solutions-focused people, who can scope, plan and manage change, helping your organisation to achieve its end goal.The key focuses of the Agile Change Agent course are:
  • Problem Solving
  • Building relationships
  • Understanding road mapping
  • Benefits of change

How Can An Agile Change Agent Benefit Your Organisation?

Agile is based on the assumption that circumstances change as you work through a project. By adopting an Agile operating model of decision-making, your organisation will become flexible and have the right people with the right tools who can face challenges and initiate structural or process change.An organisation can rely on Agile Change Agents to ensure that transformational projects achieve positive results. They oversee everything and ultimately help your team deliver projects on time and within budget.By implementing Agile, your organisation will be able to:
  • Quickly respond to change and challenges
  • Have the tools to act quickly
  • Learn from failures
  • Make decisions quickly
  • Have a competitive advantage

Why Do I Need Accreditation To Be An Agile Change Agent?

To create change, you need to have a solid foundation you can build on. This is what the Agile Change Agent course provides and will benefit anyone that has to plan, manage and participate in creating and initiating change in the workplace.By offering your employees an Agile Change Agent certification, you will improve their confidence, knowledge and understanding of change management and increase your organisation's recruitment viability.Unlike other courses, This course takes a practical approach, offering hands-on experience of what Agile Change Management is and how it's most effective.The course is offered both on-site and online. The on-site course is a three-day training course with a multiple choice, closed book exam at the end.

Accredited Courses

Agile Change Agent

Build your practical ability in Agile and change

Group training

Change is best achieved when there is a team working together. We offer engaging group training courses that are cost-effective for organisations if you require a flexible learning environment, we encourage you to email [email protected] so we can tailor a quote to your organisation's needs.

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