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Become a skilled Service Desk Analyst with Training Bytesize’s accredited training course.

What is a Service Desk Analyst?

Businesses of all sizes rely on technology, systems and software. When things go wrong, business output can be heavily impacted, and a service desk analyst plays a crucial role in getting things back on track.A service desk analyst is an IT professional who provides technical support and troubleshoots computer software, cyber networks, hardware, and infrastructure. It’s a dynamic role where no two days are ever the same. Day to day, a service desk analyst will respond to software and hardware enquiries via phone, online chat or email, analysing system faults and repairing and replacing hardware. Technical skills are essential, but a service desk analyst must also be able to problem-solve, provide smooth customer service, and stay aware of emerging and evolving technologies.

Why do I need a Service Desk Analyst Certification?

IT is a growing profession with no signs of slowing down. Service desk analysts often spearhead technology innovation to help secure company and customer data and efficient internal operations.We offer an accredited course taught by the Service Desk Institute. The course will certify your ability to manage a service desk and enhance your job prospects and opportunities for career progression in the IT industry. The fundamental principles you will learn in the Service Desk Analyst Certification are:
  • Introduction to service desk principles and applications
  • Application of service desk best practices
  • Fundamentals of running a service desk
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the service desk analyst
  • Maintain knowledge of IT standards, frameworks, and methodologies
The service desk analyst course provides comprehensive training and a hands-on approach to learning. By the end of the course, you will be able to incorporate everything you’ve learned into your existing service desk operations. The certification is ideal for front-line IT service and support analysts with some experience in a first-line or second-line service desk environment. Additionally, as remote work becomes increasingly popular and more workplaces move to a hybrid work model, this course proves you have the necessary skills to run a service desk remotely if you’re looking for a better work-life balance.

Learn More about the Service Desk Analyst Course

We offer both online and in-person training with a one-hour multiple-choice examination at the end. Want more information about the Service Desk Analyst course? Reach out to one of our friendly team members to learn more about the course and how it will benefit your career.

Accredited Courses

SDI Service Desk Analyst (SDA) Course

This SDA qualification course is for front-line IT service and support analysts with some experience in a first-line or second-line service desk environment

Group training

Training teams is what we do really well, so if you have more than 1 person to train it may be more cost effective for you to consider our corporate solutions. Courses are offered online, on-site or virtually and there are many options for learning. Email us at [email protected] with your requirements and we will send you a tailored quote for your course.

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