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Certified PPP Professional Training

Achieve the internationally recognised PPP professional qualification with the help of Training ByteSize. Oversee the management of PPP projects and do rewarding work.

What is a Certified PPP Professional?

A Public-Private Partnership (PPP) occurs when a government collaborates with a private business, and a PPP professional offers a unique set of skills to the partnership, ultimately providing an essential service to the public. PPPs are vital because they assist governments to fund, build and manage public services they would not usually be able to deliver. The skills a PPP professional possesses can not be underestimated. The critical service they offer to the public and private sectors has them managing important projects and aligning them to an existing framework. They have the skills to manage various stakeholders, tight deadlines and complex objectives. While the job has challenges, the result is rewarding.

What Is The Benefit Of A PPP Certification?

A PPP certification proves that you possess the necessary knowledge and skills to achieve positive results for the Public-Private partnership. You will understand and effectively manage the roles of everyone involved with the project, maintain the process and ensure the project timeline is adhered to. Employers look favourably at those with a PPP certification. They feel assured knowing that a skilled and accredited person can professionally represent their business and will deliver PPPs successfully. Additionally, PPP is a formal certification recognised worldwide and acknowledged by both international governments and businesses.

How Do You Obtain A PPP Qualification?

We offer three levels of qualifications to those looking to become PPP certified. Our Certified PPP Professional Level 1 Foundation course introduces you to Public-Private Partnerships and covers basic terminology, systems and processes. The new qualification is the Certified PPP Professional Level 2 Preparation Course. This course is offered to intermediate students looking to build on their foundational knowledge and develop application skills. Upon completion, you will have the skills to demonstrate how to apply and tailor PPP processes, the roles and responsibilities within the partnership, and how the government selects, initiates and manages PPP projects. The third and final level of a PPP qualification is the Certified PPP Professional Level 3 Execution Course. This course is suitable for professionals with PPP experiences and those involved in tendering and managing PPP projects. The PPP credential is awarded to those who have completed all three levels of the qualification. Obtaining the qualification means that you have the ability to:
  • Source funding for PPP projects
  • Create tailored PPP frameworks
  • Assign government responsibility within the PPP process
  • Plan and manage PPP contracts
  • Optimise financial structuring

Start Your PPP Qualification with Training ByteSize

Training ByteSize is an accredited educational institution dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. We offer all three levels of PPP accreditation and have worked with professionals in all industries at every stage in their career. Contact us to learn more about how you can become PPP certified and how full qualification can enhance your career.

Accredited Courses

Certified PPP Professional (CP3P) Level 1 Foundation Course

Certified PPP Professional (CP3P) Level 2 Preparation Course

Certified PPP Professional (CP3P) Level 3 Execution

Defining a core set of skills that PPP project team members need, paving the way for shared understanding and appropriate expectations.

Group training

Training teams is what we do really well, so if you have more than 1 person to train it may be more cost effective for you to consider our corporate solutions. Courses are offered online, on-site or virtually and as there are so many options it is best you email us at [email protected] for a tailored quote.

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