Business Analysis

Accredited Business Analysis Course

Become a Business Analyst with foundational learning that will enhance your career and help you land your dream job. Online or in-person learning available.

Why Business Analysis?

Qualified Business Analysts are in high demand for their critical role in improving business operations. The great thing about Business Analysis training is that it means anyone can become a Business Analyst. With the proper training and education, you will be able to identify and outline risks, opportunities and solutions for business. By sharing this valuable information with relevant stakeholders, a Business Analyst will have a tangible impact on a business.

Should You Become A Business Analyst?

Becoming a Business Analyst will boost your career. You will have highly valued skills crucial to updating business processes, developing new technology initiatives and driving innovation.There are no prerequisites to becoming a Business Analyst. Regardless of your industry or job title, you will have endless growth opportunities in your career by gaining business analysis skills.

What Will You Learn In The Business Analysts Certification?

A Business Analysis certification shows you're committed to the field and proves you have the proper knowledge and skills to help a business adapt and grow. You will learn fundamental business analysis principles, which include:
  • Gaining expert knowledge of cycle management
  • Business Analytics planning and monitoring
  • Business analysis key concepts and the core concept model (BACCM)
  • Identifying problems and solutions and writing analytic reports

How does the Business Analysis training course work?

To become a successful Business Analyst, Training ByteSize offers foundational training and fundamental learning with the Business Analysis Foundation Training Course. This course will equip you with all the skills you need to become a Business Analyst by introducing you to business analysis concepts, including appreciation of business situations, requirements engineering, process modelling and managing benefits and expectations. Upon completion, you will understand and apply all Business Analysis principles.Our accredited Business Analysis course is offered in a flexible learning environment. Both online and onsite educational services are available so you can engage with the course in a way that suits your lifestyle.

Accredited Courses

Business Analysis Foundation Course

Practitioner Certificate in Modelling Business Processes

Practitioner Certificate in Requirements Engineering

Practitioner Certificate in Business Analysis Practice

An introduction to all aspects of business analysis including appreciation of business situation, requirements engineering, business process modelling and managing benefits.

Group training

Training teams is what we do well, and for a business to grow, it needs a team to work together. Business Analysis group training is a fantastic option if you're a business looking to develop your team's analysis skills. Additionally, it can be more economical to train an entire group together rather than one person at a time.By offering group training to your team, you will improve their problem-solving capabilities, develop consistent processes, hone their objectivity, and enhance critical thinking and attention to detail. Email us at [email protected] with your requirements and we will send you a tailored quote for your course.

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