Managing Benefits

Management Benefits Training Course

Certified training course offering practical knowledge on how to successfully complete and deliver a project with positive outcomes.

Managing Benefits

Organisations invest in change in order to operate better. Successful project delivery is a top priority for most senior business executives, and understanding how to manage benefits is a critical step in effective project management. Many projects that initiate change don't succeed because they have failed to forecast and identify measurements of success. Managing Benefits is a systematic approach to ensure that organisational change results in good and positive outcomes.The APMG International Managing Benefits course aims to equip you with the tools to track benefits. You will identify, plan, measure and track benefits from start to finish ensuring the results are specific, measurable, agreed, realistic and timely (SMART).The Managing Benefits Course will certify your ability to:
  • Forecast realistic benefits
  • Implement a systematic and successful approach to project and change management
  • Outline costs and benefits to drive success
  • Develop an organisation-wide understanding of the benefits a project may produce
  • E
  • nhance an organisation's ability to retain motivated and skilled project management staff
Training Bytesize is the only accredited educational business to offer online and classroom training for this certification.

Accredited Courses

Managing Benefits Foundation Course

Managing Benefits Practitioner Course

Managing Benefits Foundation and Practitioner Course

Bringing together existing guidance on benefits management, whilst expanding on the specific practices and techniques aimed at optimising benefits realisation.

Group training

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