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itil 4 foundation course online

An Introduction To The ITIL 4 Foundation Course Online

With the life-changing events of the past year, there has undoubtedly been a rise in the appetite for home working. At Training Bytesize Australia, we have always been a leader in online courses. So, wherever you are in the world, you can tap into our expert portfolio of online courses and become certified from the comfort of your own home. One area in particular that is growing in popularity is our end-to-end IT Service Management course: the ITIL 4 Foundation Course Online.

What is ITIL 4?

The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) 4 is a leading, recognised IT service management framework which allows all candidates to gain knowledge in how to continually create, deliver and improve upon tech-enabled products and services in their organisation. ITIL itself is built on a five-tiered process, with ITIL 4 being the fourth step in that process.

From its invention as far back as the 1980s, the ITIL framework has consistently evolved and implemented its proven IT service management guidance for an array of different business sectors, that are using new technology to deliver their product.

Now more than ever, organisational success is measured by the company’s ability to be efficient when rolling out new products to market. An ITIL approach allows your company to keep up with these accelerating advancements in technology.

With the ITIL 4 Foundation Course, a candidate can look at the role of IT service management holistically within a wider business, whilst learning how to implement a more flexible set-up to harness digital transformation. In ITIL 4, there are four predominant guiding principles, which should be adopted to improve new service management techniques. These are categorised as follows, with some starter questions attached to each point as:

  • Organisations and People – who are the people managing the work? Is your hierarchy structured to be conducive to value creation?
  • Information and Technology – As part of the rapidly evolving technology aspect, what tech component do you need to deliver the value to your customer? And what information do you need to create that value?
  • Partners and Suppliers – How much do you want to incorporate suppliers and partners into your value chain? Do you have in-house capabilities, or could you trust an external partner with any potential peaks in demand?
  • Value Streams and Processes – A fundamental question for any project: ‘why are we doing this? Which steps are vital in our process, and which could be automated, or even disregarded as wasteful?

These four core dimensions are constantly intertwined. Neglecting any of these principles in favour of another presents issues across other dimensions, so balancing these is pivotal to the delivery of a successful project.

Why do I need an ITIL 4 Foundation Course qualification?

One of our biggest mantras as a company is: you don’t achieve anything in your comfort zone.

Whether you have already adopted ITIL, or you are preparing for its rollout, this qualification is a must for a whole host of career paths, including IT professionals, business process owners and service designers. The ITIL Foundation Course Online will give you a comprehensive understanding of this tried and tested framework, that will allow you to streamline and improve upon your company’s IT processes.

What does the ITIL 4 Foundation Course explore?

The course will look at the role of IT service management as a strategic capability within organisations as well as the structure and purpose of the new framework. In addition to this, it explores and provides guidance around two core components: Service Value System and the Four Dimensions Model. The course will also provide an outline of the Service Value Chain as well as the ITIL® Practices and Principles.

For a full run down on the course components, you can visit our course outline page.

Which courses does an ITIL 4 qualification complement?

If you already have a project management qualification in PRINCE2 or Agile , an ITIL 4 framework can complement this perfectly. For example, as an ITIL approach covers all IT service management issues within a company, the PRINCE2 principle of breaking projects down into controllable stages helps with a seamless transition to this framework. Likewise, PRINCE2’s emphasis and adherence to business justification keeps an ITIL framework from ‘scope creep’, where a project exceeds its original boundaries of cost or time, for example.

How to pass the ITIL 4 exam

The ITIL 4 Foundation Course will take roughly 10 hours to complete and can be accessed flexibly from anywhere in the world online at a time that suits your schedule. The exam format consists of 40 multiple choice questions with a required 26 marks required to pass the exam (65%). The exam is closed book and participants have 60 minutes to complete it.

To find out more about taking your exam with us, visit our for exam page for more information.

I’m ready to go. How can I sign up for the course?

To take the ITIL 4 Foundation Course virtually or online you need a laptop, a webcam, a reliable internet connection and an optional microphone should you wish to participate in the lessons virtually. For on-site training and group training you can contact our team to arrange this at a location to suit your organisation. The cost for the ITIL Foundation Course online starts from $599, but there are options to spread the cost of learning. Once purchased, you get immediate access to the course.

Should you be undertaking the course at your workplace, check in with your IT department to ensure that they have not introduced any firewall restrictions, that may limit your access to exterior learning resources like this. If you have any questions you can contact our exams team, or read through our full step-by-step exam guidance online.

Start your ITIL 4 Foundation Course today

All of our courses offer accredited training delivered by some of the brightest minds on the topic. To book your course, visit visit our ITIL course page. Alternatively you can contact us on +61 (02)8072 0653 or via e-mail our Australian based team at












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