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A guide to taking the AgilePM Foundation Course online

After a turbulent year for many of us, organisations are understandably reviewing their processes and realising that a more agile culture comes with a myriad of company wide advantages.

At Training Bytesize Australia, we have always prided ourselves on delivering flexible learning solutions that suit you. The global workplace has adapted in the face of adversity throughout the last year, and project management solutions have adapted alongside it. Complementing our onsite learning methods, our AgilePM Foundation course online accommodates an array of different learning styles. The online version of this course includes a mix of audio, multiple choice questions and animation to increase the level of engagement for participants who prefer to absorb information in their own time.

In this blog, we will explore how an online learning approach is becoming more and more popular, why the AgilePM Foundation course is a worthwhile addition to your career and/or business, plus how you can sign up for the course.

Why online learning?

Choose your own pace
The advantages of studying for your AgilePM Foundation Course online are evident. Firstly, not everyone learns at the same pace, so taking the time to fully understand the task at hand before moving on is imperative to your learning and development. In fact, our very own Chairman, Martyn Kinch is a huge advocate for online learning, preferring to take his time to properly review and process information at his own pace.



Accessible trainers
Regardless of your situation, when you opt for an online course with us, it is important to note that you can still ask our experienced trainers for help, as you would in an onsite lesson, so our AgilePM Foundation course comes with an option to include trainer support in your online learning package. Together, we can help make sense of anything that might be difficult to understand on your own.

A productive environment
We have all become a lot more accustomed to home learning over the past year. As with all of our courses’ home learning possibilities, there are many ways to make your home learning space as effective and distraction-free as possible. Check out our recent blog on the top 10 tips to successfully work from home for a full rundown of our recommendations to enhance your learning environment.

Of course, if you don’t want an exclusively online setting for your course, we do offer a hybrid option throughout Australia, which combines classroom and online learning in tandem.

Why the AgilePM Foundation Course?

Works for you

Having an AgilePM qualification on your CV bolsters your opportunity for an internal promotion, or even just that career boost that you have been looking for. This qualification is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge, particularly for those individuals who are new to project management, those who are looking to move on and pursue the Agile PM Practitioner course and consultants or contract staff who are moving into an AgilePM environment.

Works for business

As more signs of normality start to reappear, your company will be conscious of how to run a leaner, more efficient ship. An AgilePM approach is conducive to maximising the efficiency of your team members’ time and resources. With an Agile methodology, you can work more collaboratively not just with your team members, but with your client as well. This methodology produces work in short, quick bursts, which are then repeated and refined as you work alongside the client, so that the final output meets your client’s initial requirements as quickly as possible, with amendments kept to a minimum.

By nature, an agile approach to business is one that reviews different methods and can retrospectively adjust strategy if and when the situation arises. The beauty of the AgilePM methodology’s main principles is that they are deployable to any business in any industry, as it prioritises openness, communication, and a trial-and-error approach, which encourages learning and adjusting quickly.

Passing the AgilePM Foundation Exam online

Our AgilePM Foundation course online will take roughly 10 hours to complete and includes a range of quizzes with questions and answers to test your knowledge, understanding and grasp of the course. Once this is complete and you feel confident with the knowledge you have built, you will be ready to sit the official APM Groups exam. This certificate is awarded by the APM Group, which shows that the candidate is accredited in AgilePM Foundation.

The final exam is in multiple choice format and is made up of 50 questions. To pass this online course you need to achieve a 50% pass mark (25/50) within the 40 minute time limit. The exam is closed-book and taken online using ProctorU that provides an invigilator to oversee the exam. You can learn more about this process by visiting our exams booking guide.

We’re proud to say that our pass mark for this exam is a fantastic 94% and we will work with you throughout the course to ensure you have the best possible chance of passing and succeeding in your studies.

Support for the AgilePM Foundation Course online

If you are looking to supplement your online learning and studies our Agile handbook is available to purchase. It provides the perfect complement to your online course and presents information in an easy to understand format to help further your understanding of the course.

How to sign up

If you are interested in taking the AgilePM Foundation course online, our Australian based team are here for you at every stage of your project management career. You can use the chat function on the bottom right of your screen, email us at, or call us on +61 (02)8072 0653.

Right now, we have a number of offers available across our courses. Head over to our offers page now to see which of our latest deals is right for you.

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