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The AgileBA Handbook is intended to give useful, practical and comprehensive guidance on the role of the Business Analyst working in an agile way.

It also gives context to the Business Analyst role beyond the individual project, in relation to organisational mission and strategy, and to give additional depth and guidance for the Business Analyst role.

This eBook is a digital option and will be emailed to you from APMG. This is a manual process and will be completed during normal working hours.

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How can the AgileBA Handbook help me?

The Agile BA Handbook is ideal if you’re undertaking APMG International’s accredited Agile Business Analysis training or revising for personal certification in Agile Business Analysis. It provides a sound reference point to accompany the course content, which can be delivered in-person, online or virtually.

The Agile BA Handbook is particularly useful to recap on information covered in the course and will prove handy for future reference following completion of any relevant courses too. So it’s a sound investment for now and the future!

The guidance is presented within the framework of DSDM, an approach which defines the role of the project based Business Analyst, in relation to business, development and testing roles at all levels. However, the guidance is wider than this, with many generic and popular Agile techniques also included, where useful and appropriate to the Business Analyst.

The AgileBA eBook

When buying this AgileBA eBook, you’ll need an internet enabled device, like a laptop or smartphone, to access the content. While some may prefer the traditional paper version there are many benefits to the eBook format. For a start, less clutter!

You’ll be able to refer to the book at any time without adding more paper to your home, with the potential of getting lost. In contrast, you’ll never lose your eBook and can skip to relevant sections with ease.

How to order the AgileBA Handbook

Simply click ‘Add to basket’ and complete the checkout process. You’ll receive your eBook within 1-2 working days, so you can begin reading through and familiarising yourself with the content almost immediately.

If you have any questions about the AgileBA handbook or the Agile BA courses available from Training Bytesize, do get in touch! You can chat to an advisor directly using the chat function at the bottom right of your screen, or contact us using the form provided.

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