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So You’re Thinking Of Project Management?

When contemplating whether to introduce a certified project management course for your team, there are a myriad of factors to consider alongside the benefits, including the possibility of team-wide training and tangible growth of employees who aren’t necessarily in dedicated ‘project manager’ positions.

The skills that can be gained from an established project management course don’t just serve dedicated ‘project manager’ positions in your company. As we’ll discuss in this blog, project management skills are life skills, which are –  to varying degrees – already being undertaken by the majority of professionals as part of their roles.

Right from our time as children at school, we are exposed to group project management work to help aid our development, and for good reason. Countless industries today are prioritising high level organisational skills, as businesses and their processes aspire to become more streamlined, in this current climate more than ever. Of the countless ancillary reasons that support the notion of a project management course, we have created a list of some of the most deployable advantages of incorporating these techniques into your businesses and as part of your teams.

It has arguably never been more important for a business to streamline its operation and curb any wastage – whether that be in spend, or in time spent on a project. As an employer, incorporating a project management scheme for your department will more than pay for itself in the long run. Your team will naturally develop a more efficient output when they return to the office with a new sense of pride in becoming the champions of a given project management methodology.

Take our popular PRINCE2 methodology, for instance. The 7 core principles of this framework combine to provide an improved, more efficient everyday process to improve not only your team’s productivity, but also the employee work culture and even worker retention, as proven by recent studies.

Communication is perhaps the most important factor in the success of any team and in any project. Unsurprisingly, if the communication is lacking in any vital part of the project, the likelihood of success starts to decrease rapidly.

The key role of any project management position is to lead a team towards an end result and that simply can’t be achieved without a certain level of communication and coordination. As an employer, proactively encouraging and then implementing the correct structure and process can help make your team’s environment conducive to success.

Of course, an advantage of undertaking a project management course within any organisation is the increased exposure it gives to employees internally. That is, once the members of your team have raised their hand to put themselves forward for a particular skill you wish to develop.

Not every role in your team will include discernible access to being a line manager or mentor. Acquiring a project management course qualification as an addition to your job allows these employees to gather this invaluable experience in a different way. When they return to their job after receiving the accreditation, they will be able to manage sideways and upwards with their newfound knowledge, which in turn will allow you to review internal processes from their almost external viewpoint.


Budget Management
Another skill that you will develop from a recognised project management course is budget management. Unfortunately, there are lots of ways for a project to fail, but some are much easier to rectify than others. To keep in control of cost during the five basic phases of any given project will go very far in alleviating any potential pitfalls the project might encounter.

It’s the elephant in the room, but there’s no shame in acknowledging that salary is a motivator in your employee’s project management journey. As mentioned in the above ‘leadership’ paragraph, being able to gain project management experience externally – which in turn would allow you to command a higher salary for your experience – is an enticing proposition for anyone.

As an employer, when discussing career development with your employees, project management within a certain discipline and framework can act as a tangible, monitorable KPI to the development of both your team and the wider business.

Start your Project Management Journey Today

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