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Agile Change Agent


Build your practical ability in Agile and change with Agile Change Agent

Participants will learn about agile ways of working and how an agile approach impacts their role and interaction with those driving and leading change. The course also equips participants with tools to ensure change initiatives are embedded, adopted and deliver benefits throughout their organizations.

Less focused on the theories of change, it is a very hands- on course full of opportunities to “see, do, learn”, packed with exercises and practical tools, tips and advice, and is a great introduction to the world of Agile and Change Management.

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Course Details

Level: Introductory

Pre-requisites: None

Accreditation: APM Group

Exam format: Multiple choice questions

Exam duration: 40 minutes

Exam pass mark: 50%

Our pass rate: 100%

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What does the course cover?

Fully accredited by APM Group International, you can study on-site or virtually.

Successful Agile Change Agent candidates will be better prepared to:

  • Understand how agile approaches impact the way change is managed and delivered, and the impact on those involved in and affected by change.
  • Apply techniques to identify and prioritise activities according to business value.
  • Manage relationships with relevant stakeholders and team members, understanding how to best engage with them through empathy and trust.
  • Develop strategies for building resilience and motivation, whilst managing and mitigating resistance.
  • Create a change that is lean and flexible, realizing benefits earlier on in the process.
  • Manage change for both large-scale transformations and micro-level business change projects.
  • Utilize pre-prepared checklists, questionnaires and models that can be tailored to specific change initiatives.

Is the course right for me?

This Agile Change Agent course will benefit anyone who has to plan, manage and participate in creating change at work. The course doesn’t assume any prior knowledge of change management or agile approaches so is suitable for all.

If you have knowledge of these areas the course will explain how what you already know fits into the structure of an effective change initiative whilst at the same time developing new skills and abilities. If you have a background in project management or business analysis this course will enable you to see where you fit into the wider community of change and where you can best apply your skills.

Training and certification will be particularly beneficial to those participating in Agile or transformational change, but aren’t necessarily responsible for leading it.

These roles include:

Change Support
(e.g. Programme Office)

Change ‘Agents’
(e.g. Business Change Managers)

Change Implementers
(e.g. Project / Programme / Change Managers)

Change Leaders

(e.g. Senior Responsible Owners)

Operational Line Managers/Staff
would also benefit from a higher
level of understanding

  • Multiple-choice format
  • 50 questions
  • 50% pass mark (25/50)
  • 40 minutes
  • Closed-book
  • No pre-requisites

Why study with Training Bytesize?

As experts in delivering project management training through a range of study styles, your success is key to our success. We understand how people learn, we know how to train people to pass exams, we employ the best trainers and specialise in small class sizes to help you get the best from your investment. So, if you’re looking to enhance your project management skills and ensure you pass first time, Training ByteSize is a name you can trust.

As a family run business, project and programme management training is in our blood, and so is innovation. Our founders have been part of the industry since the 1990’s, specifically founding Key Skills and developing the world’s first accredited e-learning course for PRINCE2.

Today we are proud to continue with world firsts; with second generation Victoria at the helm, she had led Training ByteSize to ensure were the first company to develop and deliver e-learning options for accredited courses including Business Analysis Foundation, ITIL4, and AgilePM.  When we say we’re experts in project management training, we really do mean it.

Useful information

One of the most common causes of resistance to adopting an Agile approach is a lack of understanding of the business benefits of Agile approaches.

Some of the greatest push-back comes from the concept of the evolving solution. To those who have little exposure to Agile methods, an evolving solution appears threatening. They are being asked to commit the money and resources to an unknown deliverable. There is fear that the Agile initiative, with its sprints and increments, is never-ending. One director recently queried if I was asking for an “open cheque book”.

If we want to broaden the adoption of Agile in our organizations, and unlock the full potential benefits, we have to take everyone with us. That means explaining, in business terms, what we are delivering and, critically, the many controls that exist within Agile to make sure we do what we said we would do.

In this webinar, presenter Melanie Franklin addresses the challenges put forward by those resisting change. Hear examples of how she has overcome these challenges and gained support from all levels within organizations for a move towards agile, adaptive practices. A perfect introduction to the power of Agile Change Management.



  • Onsite
  • Virtual


A two day training course and certification course designed to bridge the gap between the formal theories, models and techniques in Change Management and Agile Project Management, providing a follow on course for those with the qualifications and an entry point for those who need the capability but haven’t studied the subjects in depth.

What is the Agile Change Agent course and what does it entail?

This course is based upon the successful book “Agile Change Management – a practical framework for successful change planning and implementation. The book provides entry level access to the subjects of change management and agile management. It begins with an explanation of Agile concepts, which gives those involved in making change happen in their part of the business a link between their experiences of iterative change and the ideas behind Agile.

The course provides a roadmap or lifecycle model that helps them think through how they will manage the evolving changes that they are on the receiving end of, without having to become an expert in either Change Management or Agile. The course is divided into 4 parts to reflect the chapters in the book:

  • Concepts and roadmap
  • Business need
  • Relationship building
  • Environment

It is a very hands-on course full of opportunities to “see, do, learn”. The emphasis is on building capability using preprepared checklists, questionnaires and models that can be tailored to the context and content of whatever change you are involved in.


Location:Start date:Price:
16/07/20 - 2 days GMT
$1,599.00 $1,199.00

Our Virtual Course platform delivers accredited and certified training, led by leading subject matter experts, direct to your home, mobile, computer or office without the hassle of travelling or staying away. It is so easy to fit in an online class into your busy schedule; simply log in from home, the office, or even while you are travelling.

Students can ask questions using a headset, webcam or a chat window, and get their questions answered, just like in a traditional classroom. Questions can be lined up and answered at intervals, without interrupting the teacher’s flow of thought. There is no difference in the level of interaction – in fact distractions are significantly reduced because of this way of teaching. Our trainers have a minimum of 10 years training experience, plus have previously run and managed live projects, so have real-life experience they bring to the virtual session.

If you would like to find out more about this Agile Change Agent option please call our team or complete this short form and we’ll come right back to you.


Why consider onsite training with Training Bytesize?

  • Cost per person is significantly reduced
  • Pass rates are in excess of the national average
  • Dedicated account manager to see the project through with you
  • Our trainers have a wealth of experience across a variety of industries
  • All our training advisors are qualified in the subject they’re advising on

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