The Most Popular 2021 Project Management Courses in Australia

If you are a Project Manager or an aspiring Project Manager, you will no doubt be keen to stay ahead of the curve and learn about the most popular and in-demand training courses currently available in Australia as we enter 2021.

These 2021 project management courses below will help you learn and apply the principles of project management across multiple disciplines. It will also help you choose the course that best suits your needs and current experience level.

So without further ado, here are the most popular 2021 project management courses in Australia.


Certainly one of the most well known and established training courses in Australia is PRINCE2.

The PRINCE2 method is built on a number of identifiable core concepts, all geared towards a more controlled approach over a given project. Firstly, a PRINCE2 project is broken down into smaller, more digestible sections. The project manager has full control over these sections, which combined amount to a ‘project plan’. A project board will take into account various factors such as cost, scope and risk, and delegate responsibility to a project manager accordingly. At the end of every stage, a project board will review and determine whether to continue or to pause the project. These periodic ‘checkpoints’ allow for the project manager to reflect on the team’s practices and which elements could be improved incrementally.

PRINCE2, or ‘Projects in Controlled Environments 2’ has been designed to be adaptable to any project regardless of project scale, organisation or culture. It is reported that PRINCE2 is used in over 150 countries, with many companies and even government organisations using this approach and framework to project management.

At Training Bytesize Australia, there are a number of different PRINCE2 qualifications for you to choose from, depending on your experience. The Foundation certification will introduce you to this methodology and help you gain insight into the various areas and principles that project management has to offer. Our PRINCE2 Practitioner certification will build on this knowledge learnt, and provide a more practical approach to understanding the framework of one of the most popular project management approaches in the world.


As the name suggests, Agile Production Management methodologies were introduced to business organisations as an alternative to the more regimented perspective of other project management approaches. The Agile methodology promotes the mentality that the unexpected can occur at any time in a project, as we have well seen during the volatile year of 2020! For example, planning in an Agile project is never undertaken past the current stage of the project, which is usually within a month. This allows tasks to be added, removed and reaccredited to different members of the team, which in turn allows the team to adjust and adapt much quicker than other methodologies.

This approach to project management can often speed up the process, whilst also bringing products to market quicker. Furthermore, advocates of AgilePM often point to the improved transparency and communication between teams as a plus point. Simply put, the AgilePM methodology promotes a more adaptive approach.

Undoubtedly, an AgilePM course at Training Bytesize Australia can further your career and open up new opportunities for you to progress in your chosen field. Businesses can also benefit from providing an AgilePM certification as an employee benefit, which aids staff retention and furthers their development.

At Training Bytesize, we offer both an APMG accredited Foundation certification and Practitioner certification. All of our AgilePM courses offer a clear and concise overview of the AgilePM methodology, and is applicable to a wide range of candidates, from those who are highly experienced to those just starting out in their industry.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP)

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) is a widely used approach in the programme management field. Managing a programme of projects requires a slightly different skillset, as part of your role is to ensure that your organisation doesn’t isolate any one project from the overarching business strategy. Naturally, this forces a project manager to ask different questions of the projects; rather than discussing this project in its own entity, they can instead ask ‘how does it deliver a positive impact for the company, within the strategy’?

The Managing Successful Programmes course at Training Bytesize Australia is an approach that is designed to help your business achieve positive change, by applying the correct amount of flexibility to your operation. The certification is best suited towards individuals that are looking to learn how to manage multiple projects and programmes, whilst also working more effectively on larger scale projects or programmes.

Training Bytesize offers both a Foundation and Practitioner certification in MSP, which are both open to all organisations across both the public and private sector. Once you have completed the Foundation certification, the Practitioner certification will test how well you understand the MSP guidance, and if you can apply it to your own project management team.

Project Planning and Control (PPC)

Project Planning and Control (PPC) is projected to be one of the fastest growing 2021 project management courses in Australia, with the methodology able to be applied across various companies and industries. As an approach, PPC is one of the best for risk mitigation and management which inevitably occur in all projects. As we all know, the goalposts will constantly move during a project, either through market changes, company restructures and a myriad of other reasons.

As we’ve all experienced, maintaining momentum is pivotal for any project manager. Gaining a PPC accreditation can show potential employers that you are well versed in adapting to an ever changing landscape to attain success. Training Bytesize Australia offers three different PPC courses to accommodate your experience and ambition to learn. These courses are the Foundation certification, Practitioner certification and also our Foundation and Practitioner certification that incorporates both. Across these accreditations, we offer both individual and group learning, so you can choose the best learning environment to suit your needs.

A note from our Country Manager

As we move into 2021 our Country Manager for Australia, James Kinch, shared his insights on project management trends and some of the popular courses that we are seeing people undertake at the moment.

“In the Australian market the most popular course we are seeing people gravitate towards in 2021 is undoubtedly PRINCE2. This is one of our core products and key project management courses in Australia at the moment, and it shows no sign of slowing down. We are also seeing sharp uptake in people searching for APMG accredited courses at the moment with the AgilePM course being our second most popular course. After a challenging year in 2020, we are expecting a shift towards professionals reskilling or upskilling as they seek new challenges or to enhance their existing knowledge to prepare for the ever changing and somewhat unknown business landscape that 2021 will bring.”


Ready to get started?

Now that you know about the most popular 2021 project management courses in Australia, which one will you choose to help further your experience and career development? As one of Australia’s most comprehensive professional training providers for Service Desk, Project Managers and Business Analysts, Training ByteSize Australia are here to help you learn and provide you with not only a successful certification, but a positive and engaging experience to match.

We cover all major cities throughout Australia and provide the option of both on-site training as well as online or virtual training options should that suit your learning preferences. Training can be organised for individuals or groups. To speak to our Australian based team you can call us on +61 2 8072 0653 or email us at


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